gg-world-mega-jackpot ball

How to play i-2G Mega Jackpot

GG World Mega Jackpot offers the opportunity to win $250,000 with just a single line. To have a shot at the jackpot, you must select 5 main numbers and 2 GG numbers. The main 5 numbers can be selected from the numbers 1 to 50. The GG numbers can be selected from the numbers 1 to 12. There are 13 prize tiers, but you only need 2 correctly picked numbers to claim a prize. 


Playing the GG World Mega Jackpot on can be explained in 5 straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by clicking the "GG World Mega Jackpot" play button, conveniently located on the homepage, the lottery page, or at the bottom of this page.
  2. Choose your lucky numbers, selecting 5 main numbers from the range of 1 to 50 and 2 GG numbers from 1 to 12. If you prefer assistance with number selection, click "Quick Pick," and the system will randomly generate numbers for you.
  3. If you wish to select another set of numbers, you can do so in the newly displayed box. Leave it empty if you intend to purchase just one line for the draw.
  4. The final step involves selecting how many draws you want to enter with your chosen numbers. Opt for "1 Draw" to participate solely in the next draw, or choose 2 or more to join subsequent draws as well.
  5. To take part, simply click the "Buy Ticket" button. Good luck!


Potential Winnings GG World Mega Jackpot

Curious about the potential prize you can win in the GG World Mega Jackpot? Visit the “Rules” section. Here you can check the potential winnings.

Your Lottery Ticket

To review the lottery ticket(s) you've purchased, visit the "My Tickets" section. Here, you can view all your purchased tickets.

Lottery Result

Interested in verifying your results? Navigate to the "Results" section in the menu to check the outcomes of all the draws.